In my kitchen – September 2015

008copyIn my kitchen:

Is Maus’ new raclette grill.  As I mentioned in my last IMK post, it was Maus’ birthday at the end of last month.  One of her presents was a raclette grill from the dogs.  OK, I accept that most dogs aren’t capable of buying presents, but ours can, and have done all their lives.  They, usually, only give token gifts but this year they went all out.

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In My Kitchen – January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

I usually prepare my monthly In My Kitchen post on the eve of the new month but a small matter of a New Year’s eve party and a bit too much wine prevented such endeavours last night. Oh! … Human frailties 😦


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In My Kitchen – September 2012

In my kitchen:

Are a thousand Rangpur Limes.  ‘What?’ I hear you saying.  That is exactly what I said when Steve told me that the fruit I had been telling people for years and years and years were Tahitian Limes, were no such thing.  He boldly suggested that my tree had been mislabelled. Continue reading