In My Kitchen – February 2016


In my kitchen:

Are cherry tomatoes…  Of course, it was inevitable.  Initially, I let one self-seed and all these tomatoes are from that plant.

I planted two Roma tomato seeds and, when they didn’t sprout, I planted another three but they didn’t sprout either so it’s just cherry tomatoes this year. Continue reading


A French chicken curry


I bet the title has got you smiling.  It certainly made me smile.  What next?  I guess each country puts its stamp on cuisine from other nations.

Sometimes, inspiration for dinner is hard to come by.  I had just flicked through Madhur Jaffrey’s A Taste of India (a great book, BTW) and had not been inspired.  I was thinking “chicken” but I was in one of those moods where everything sounded like too much effort.  I decided to pass the “What’s for dinner?” baton to Maus.

Continue reading

Baked chicken drumstick Jamoncitos & dried figs with potato galette


I got the most delightful email from a reader the other day (Clare, I hope you don’t mind me quoting you.)  Clare’s email came just at a time when I was pondering this blog.  Clearly, the recipes I post represent the type of food I like and associate with.  Of late, I have been wondering whether there is anyone out there who has similar tastes to me and enjoys a similar style of food.  Well, it appears Clare does 🙂  Here is an excerpt from Clare’s email: Continue reading

In My Kitchen – March 2014

The most exciting thing in my kitchen this month is a French chef named Pierre.  Pierre is young, tall and handsome.  I really wanted to take his photo but thought it was a bit presumptuous, even for me.  Pierre is cooking rabbit for dinner tonight which will be exciting.  Pierre speaks only a little English and we speak no French so we are surviving on broken English and sign language.

Postscript:  We just had dinner and our rabbit was divine. It was pan fried and then baked with a cream and mustard sauce, served with a savoury carrot cake.  We are very lucky indeed.

Everything in my kitchen this month pales into insignificance compared to Pierre and his cooking, but I will do my best.


In my kitchen:

Is a fabulous loaf of bread.  Sometimes, my bread turns our really, really well and I can’t make out what I do differently to make it so.  This is a loaf of crusty semolina  sourdough that I baked in my cast iron pot.  It is a beauty. I wish I knew what I did right 🙂  The oven spring was magnificent. Continue reading

Tomato Sauce

2013 05 03_0223 copy

I started off my post on preserving tomatoes, in February, by saying,

It’s nearing the end of summer and still the tomatoes are coming.

I then when on to say,

If, after you have made relish and salsa and have dried, pickled and roasted your tomatoes, you are still picking them by the bucket load, it is time for some serious preserving.

Well… it’s nearly winter and still the tomatoes keep coming.  I have preserved so many tomatoes, I seriously doubt my cupboard will ever be free of them. It is time for something different. Continue reading

Best Chorizo and Tomato Salad in the World

IMG_2215 copy

I was flipping through Jamie Oliver’s jamie does ….. the other day, looking for our favourite meatball recipe.  I should do a post on them but they wouldn’t be particularly photogenic – they look just like meatballs.  They taste great, though.  If you have the book, make them.  They are on page 196.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was flipping through jamie does … and it fell open at page 22, Best Chorizo and Tomato Salad in the World.  Now, there is a big call!  The recipe called for both cherry tomatoes and normal sized tomatoes.  I was instantly interested.  We had it for lunch that day and, I must say, as promised by Jamie, it was very, very tasty. Continue reading

Tomato and Sage Tart

IMG_2051 copy

We were in the local newsagency the other day, buying birthday cards (it appears that most people I know have birthdays at the end of January) and the cover of Feast Magazine (Issue 18) jumped out at me. It was a decidedly better photo of this tart. Continue reading