Rick Stein’s infamous beetroot chutney


Infamous, that is, in my small circle of friends.

This is up there as my favourite chutney.  My friend, Emily, introduced me to it.  Emily made a batch a few (quite a few) years back and, generously, gave us a jar.  We loved it.  I remember asking her for the recipe.  She was very nonchalant about the source.  Emily said she found the recipe on the web but also mentioned that it was from Rick Stein.  I knew I would forget if I didn’t act immediately so I went online.  I soon found the recipe and saved it, along with a multitude of other recipes I am going to try one day. Continue reading


Beetroot Risotto with Feta


Maus and I are always in a dilemma about what to have for dinner.  Being the proud owner of a blog, I feel a need to try different things.  Maus, on the other hand, feels no such burden.  She is happy to have whatever I give her.  And if she is cooking, baked beans, an omelette or rissoles will do just fine.  Clearly, it is a balancing act between the two.

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