Thai-style stir-fried green beans and pork

Hello, everyone. This is one of the three bean-themed recipes I made when we had our glut of beans.  I really wanted to post it since I know next year, when we are in bean glut, I will have no idea where to find it.  One of the other recipes is on a similar vein but it has more ingredients. This one is dead simple and tasted just as good.

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Bean Relish

023copyBeans, beans, everywhere beans.  My freezer is chockers with beans (and broccoli and leeks).   I mixed some alpaca poo into my soil before I planted the bean seeds and they have grown like the bean stalk in the well known children’s tale.  Obviously, they love it.  Last year, I got a few miserable feeds and this year I would have picked pretty close to 20 kilograms.  Here’s to the alpaca poo!  Thanks, Sue and Matt.

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