Walnut Shortbreads


I pre-empted this post last week.  These biscuits are the result of a search I did in Eat Your Books.  I restricted my search to baking, then to walnuts and these guys popped up… and I am glad they did.

In my Widow’s Kisses post, I  said they were a jackpot.  There were three reasons for that statement.  Firstly, they taste great.  Secondly, they were made in the food processor, therefore, only took a few minutes to put together.  Thirdly, and most importantly, you pipe them rather than shape them.

I bet you are wondering why the piping won the most important guernsey. Continue reading

Ma’mool (Walnut and Date Biscuits)

IMG_2594 copy

About a year ago, Maus asked me whether I wanted a tamar.  I had no idea what a tamar was but, if Maus was suggesting I might want one, I sure as hell wasn’t saying “No”.  She went on to explain that she had been looking at Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen, by Nouha Taouk, and that you needed a tamar if you wanted to make Ma’mools.  I was still none the wiser but my interest had been aroused. Continue reading