In My Kitchen – September 2014

061copyIn my kitchen:

Is my new storage box that Maus made.  As you all know, we alternate between two houses.  We have well-stocked pantries in both houses but there are some things we just don’t want to double up on.  So we take a number of items back and forth in case we need them in the other house.  I usually use a cut-off wine box for the job but Maus decided it just wasn’t up to scratch.  My box fits perfectly in our oversized esky.  She is such a sweetie, sometimes …. Continue reading


Prospective mothers


Some of you may remember my plea in my November IMK post.  I was seeking a vinegar mother.  I didn’t know anyone who had one, had tried various methods to make one myself and the only place I had found to buy one was Green Living Australia, located in Queensland, and I wasn’t certain whether the jar and/or its contents would survive the journey.

And then I got this wonderful comment from Tania at The Cook’s Pyjamas:

And so I have good news for you 🙂  I am in Perth, I have a mother stashed away that I am happy to share and I feel sorry for you  🙂 Continue reading

In My Kitchen – November 2013

IMG_6672 copy

In my kitchen:

Is a bowl of mulberries with home-made yoghurt.  I have had a mulberry tree for ages. Notwithstanding it looks very sick, it produces mulberries each year.  For some reason, the birds around here don’t like mulberries.  It may be because they are not particularly tasty but with some home-made yoghurt and vanilla syrup, they are tasty enough for an enjoyable breakfast. Continue reading