Iceberg is the most widely grown rose of all time and, for this reason, I was reluctant to have one.  What an idiot!  It is so widely grown because it is an outstanding rose.  It has been described as the best rose of the 20th century, and even, of all time.  Botanica describes Iceberg as head and shoulders above its peers and counterparts.  Wow! Continue reading

Angel Face

Cochrane and Passmore in their book, The Rose, claim that Angel Face is  possibly the most popular flower in the world.   I don’t know about that.

The blooms are dark mauve/lavender that darken with ruby flushes towards the edge.  They have up to 40 ruffled petals, open with high centres and become cup-shaped as the firm petals reflex to show yellow stamen.  There is a strong, sweet lemon scent. Continue reading