In my kitchen – May 2015


In my kitchen:

Are ANZACs.  ANZACs are a significant biscuit in the Australian psyche.  It became a practice during WWI for the family of soldiers to make this simple biscuit for their loved ones serving in the conflict.  The biscuits are so sturdy they were able to withstand the three month sea voyage from Australia to Europe to arrive at the battle field in one piece.  These days, many add all sorts of yummy things to their ANZACs but I like to stick to the original recipe as a token of respect to their origins.   My ANZACs are sitting in a little Turkish dish, a nod to all those young men who perished in Gallipoli 100 years ago. Continue reading

In my kitchen – March 2015


In my kitchen:

Is a prune and walnut roll.  I love “Rolada” brand fruit rolls and have prunes galore so I thought I would try and make one.  I searched the web and collected all the recipes for prune and walnut rolls I could find.  I then chose the one which sounded the most promising.  It was good – it went in one day – but not quite as good as Rolada.  I found it hard to make mine as firm as the commercial ones.  I made the log, lined some poly pipe with baking paper and then put the log into the poly pipe.  I then pressed down as hard as I could to make it as compact as possible.  I then dried it in the dehydrator.  Like I said, it was good but not perfect.  I have ideas for improvement. Continue reading

Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes

A few years ago, my friend, Emily, gave me a cookbook, Celebrity secrets from around the world: Recipes for Life by Vera Weisfeld.  The book is, essentially, a celebrity cookbook, the proceeds of which were to go to charity. The book has recipes in it from royalty, politicians, actors, authors, sports stars and from famous hotels and restaurants.  The book was published in 1995 so the celebrities are a little bit dated.

Emily found the book in a discount bin for $2.00 so she bought several copies to hand out to her friends.  Emily tells me that Princess Diana’s Watercress Soup is a winner but given my inclinations,  I was attracted to Tony Blair’s Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes.  I made the recipe.  It was a bit bland but I liked the idea of the main ingredient being sun-dried tomatoes.  I have made it several times since, changing it slightly each time until we had a hit. Continue reading