Penne with Greens, Two Cheeses and Walnuts

This is a Ray McVinnie recipe (I have amended the quantities slightly).  He is a regular contributor to the New Zealand magazine Cuisine (he is also a judge on the NZ Masterchef). This recipe appeared in the March 2007 issue of Cuisine magazine (Issue 121).   Cuisine magazine has all the recipes from its magazines online (here is the link to their great site) and have a facility where you can list the ingredients you have in your pantry and it will bring up recipes in its magazine with those ingredients.

One day, Maus typed in a number of ingredients we had languishing in the fridge.  We can’t remember exactly what but I can imagine having left over cream and blue cheese, and even rocket, from a dinner party.  She is guessing a gift of silverbeet from our neighbour, Renate.  Anyway, up popped this recipe.  We have been making it ever since.  Ray McVinnie advises it is based on a traditional recipe from the Piemonte (Piedmont) region in Italy. Continue reading