Speculaas Mark II

Remember my speculaas mold?

Before we go any further, I have no idea about the singular and the plural of this word nor the difference between the words speculaas, speculaasjes and speculaasje.   This is how one source on the web explained it:

The word comes from the Latin “speculum”, mirror image, referring to the mold used in producing them. The plural of “speculum” is “specula”, which in “more plural” is “speculaas”, which made “smaller” is “speculaasje”, which in plural is “speculaasjes”, so the word is three times plural. And that’s proper Dutch.

There you go!!  Sounds like double-Dutch to me. Continue reading



Does anyone else remember these?

My late cousin, Jen, married Gerrie who was Dutch.  In those days, I never knew much about Gerrie except that he was an orphan and had lived in an orphanage.

Whenever I misbehaved, my dad would threaten to send me to an orphanage.  I didn’t really understand the concept but I associated it with a home for kids who misbehaved. Continue reading