Porridge sourdough


I got the idea of making this loaf from Leon at Bread Bar None.  Earlier this month Leon posted his recipe for Porridge Sourdough.  I really like the sound of it so, on My Perfect Day, I decided to make it.  Alas, it was not the perfect loaf of bread.  Firstly, I just used the ingredients as listed by Leon without holding back any water and I found I had much, much too much water.  I had to add 400g of extra flour!  Then I decided to bake my bread in the wood oven and the oven was way too cold.  We ended up with two very tasty flying saucers.  I was determined to try again but this time in my cast iron pot, in my electric oven and watching the water very carefully.

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Sunflower wholemeal sourdough


I love making bread.  It is so simple to make and yet so satisfying.

The other day, our bread cupboard was bare so I thought I had better get to it.  We don’t eat that much bread during summer but it is always good to have a loaf handy for a toasted sandwich for lunch or for vegemite on toast for breakfast.

This time, I felt like making something a little substantial with seeds in it.  I also decided to give my rye starter a burl as I hadn’t used it for a while. Continue reading

Walnut Spelt Sourdough Loaf

IMG_1068 copyThis recipe is from Wild Sourdough by Yoke Mardewi.

It is an amazing book but not for the reasons you may think.  It has lots and lots of great sourdough loaves in it and I have made quite a few of them.  But that is not what makes it amazing.

It is amazing because it is the worst edited book I have ever come across.  It is so bad, I complained to the publisher (I didn’t get a response). I have never complained about a book before or since but this book is the limit. Continue reading

Cracked Wheat Sourdough

My foray into sourdough ciabatta is over, for the time being.  Whilst I was so diverted, all the seeds and grains I had previously bought had been ignored.  It was time to get them out and make something healthy and virtuous.

This recipe is vaguely based on Yoke Mardewi’s multigrain sourdough bread from her book, Wild Sourdough.  I have made this recipe in various guises quite a few times.  It calls for 300g of soaked grains and/or seeds (fresh and roughly crushed).  You can use whatever you like.   At times, I have used  a combination of oats, barley, chia, quinoa, linseed (flax) and/or sunflower seeds but this time I chose a simple wheat bread.  I also changed Yoke’s wholemeal to bread flour ratio – I didn’t want my bread too heavy. Continue reading