In My Kitchen – September 2013

2013 08 23_0665 copy

In my kitchen:

Is my new meat slicer.  Maus and I are gradually falling apart (in more ways than one) and are finding it more and more difficult to slice things.  As a result, I began to consider buying a slicer.

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The Elusive Endeavour …

It’s all the Doc’s fault.  (Maus says I always have to blame someone and this time it’s the Doc’s turn.)  Not that long ago, he put up a post entitled ‘Ciabatta, the Magic Bread’. That was the start of me trying to make a good-looking sourdough ciabatta.  I have posted on my five previous attempts. Continue reading

Some Kitchen Trials and Tribulations ….

Celia, from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, posted a recipe for Sesame Snaps not long ago.  I love Sesame Snaps.  When I was employed, I would regularly forget that I should be on a diet and go down to the Newsagent and buy a Sesame Snap.  So when I saw Celia’s recipe, I thought I would give it a try. The above photo is my effort.  The photo below is Celia’s effort.  See if you can spot the difference:)  I know it is hard but, go on, make an effort.  I will give you a hint.  Celia’s looks like Sesame Snaps, whereas mine looks like a bowl of crystalised sugar and sesame seeds. Continue reading