In My Kitchen – May 2013

In my kitchen:

Are tomatoes, cucumbers and a chilli!!!

I decided to take some photos this month in case you didn’t believe me.  It is now May and this is how many cherry tomatoes I picked yesterday!!  The plants are amazing.  OK, they are looking a bit sick in the middle but the outsides of the plants are green and healthy and they have flowers on them!  More bloody tomatoes!

When we first started picking, we would search in the vine jungle to get everyone we could find.  Now, if one jumps out at us and demands to be picked, we bother; otherwise, we just keep walking.  We are still picking much more than we can eat and I am making a grand effort to think of ways to use them.  This plateful is more than 2 kilos and, at $2.50 a punnet (250g), this plate is $20+ worth.  Considering how easy they are to grow, it is a disgrace how expensive they are.

2013 05 01_0206 copy

One reason, I believe, for the continual growth of my plants and the prolific cropping is the strange weather we are having.  Perth’s mean temperature in April was 2°C to 3°C above average.  We also had the hottest April day on record.    Here are a few quotes from the Burea of Meteorology for those who do not believe in climate change. Continue reading