Spiced Quince Jelly

Ages ago, my neighbour, Renate, brought over (or rather up, as in hill) a book she thought I may like.  It was called Home-Made and at a fraction of the cost by Polly Pinder.  It is a gem of a book.  Just the type of book I love.  It covers so many things, eg, making bread, sweets, preserves, cosmetics, soaps, etc. There is a chapter for each.  I quickly wrote down a few of the recipes and gave the book back.  When I was in Willunga recently, I went to a charity book sale and there it was.  All books were $2.00. I LOVE a find like that.  Mine is hard covered, toooo.  It was first published in 1983; mine is the 1984 reprint.  The paperback version was published in 1984.
Keep a look out for it next time you visit an Op Shop. 
One of the recipes I wrote out of Renate’s book was Spiced Quince Jelly for, you see, I have a quince tree. Continue reading