Pumpkin and Bacon Fritters

“What, not fritters again?”,  I hear you say.  Which reminds me of a story Maus often relates.  Her nephew (who is now 40) as a small boy (about 4 years-old) was a very fussy eater.  The only thing he seemed to like was tinned baked beans.  Every time he visited his grandmother (Maus’ mum), she would give him what she thought was his favourite meal, baked beans. That is, until the day the poor boy exclaimed, “What? Not bloody bake-ked beans, again?”

I like fritters because, in my humble opinion, we eat too much meat.  Fritters are a great way to present a satisfying meal with no (or very little) meat involved.  These have bacon in them but, if you are a vegetarian, you could replace the bacon with grated haloumi. Continue reading