After we bought our block, I was always on the look out for plants that don’t require much maintenance or water and produce something edible.  High on my list were capers.  I love capers and everything I read about them suggested that they were tough and drought hardy. As is my want, I started researching the topic and this lead me to

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Preserved Apples

Waste not, want not…

The other day, I visited my neighbour, Renate, to check out photos of her new grandson (he is very cute) and, as usual, I left with a bag of goodies.  This time my bag included some windfall Royal Gala apples.  A friend of Renate’s had allowed her to pick up windfalls from his orchard.  These apples were destined to rot on the ground.  Renate was making all sorts of goodies with her bounty.

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Fig Jam

From this …

to this … (with a few hiccups along the way)

When we bought our property, we planted one or two of every fruiting tree we could think of with a view to living the good life on the produce but, alas, the only ones reaping the rewards are birds.  Unless we net a tree, we don’t get any fruit and, even if the tree is netted, the birds will still somehow get into the net, eat the fruit and then escape leaving a bare tree. Continue reading

Passionfruit Syrup


IMG4624-2015Given the title of this blog, it is fitting that my first post deals with passionfruit.  My generous neighbour, Renate, recently gave me a couple of bags of passionfruit from her prolific vine.  She advises me that the secret to her success is the fact that the vine is growing at the end of her leach drain.   As I am going through a home-made yoghurt phase (more on that later), I decided to make passionfruit syrup to drizzle on my yoghurt.

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