Almond Rosti Potatoes with Goat Cheese


We are big on potato rostis in this house.  When I was still working and Maus was the cook, potato rostis were always the fall back when nothing was planned for dinner.  I would come home from work ravenous and Maus would give me this apologetic look and say, “Is mock fish ok?”  You see, potato rostis were always called mock fish in times past.

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Persian Potato Patties with Garlic Chives (Kuku-ye sibzamini)


Maus, who is in charge of fritters, patties and the like in our household, made these last week and they were very, very tasty.

Having the burden of a vegetarian friend requires me to be permanently on the lookout for tasty vegetarian dishes so when Maus spotted this recipe in Greg and Lucy Malouf’s New Middle Eastern Food, I was willing to give them a bash.  The recipe originally appeared in Saraban. Continue reading