What we’ve been cooking … June 2015

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I have had an idea to do a regular post like this for ages.  I ran the idea past Maus and she assured me that the idea was ‘boring‘ but I have decided to proceed, nonetheless, as I think the idea good.

I have been writing a blog for 3 years now and, whilst it is good to try new things, the reality is I have old favourites that we make, time and time again, and some of the new recipes I have posted, I want to make again.

So what I have decided to do is: once a month, tell you what previously posted recipes we have made in the last month.  I don’t know what I will do if, in one particular month, there aren’t any – we will have to wait and see.  After a while, I am sure there will be  repeats but that is good.  You will soon get an idea of which recipes we love the most. Continue reading