Roasted sweet potato with pecans and maple syrup


Both Maus and I have the dreaded lurgy.  I am only a wee bit poorly but Maus has it bad.

When Maus is sick, she doesn’t feel hungry and, therefore, doesn’t eat.  I eat whether I am sick or not.  That is one reason why Maus is skinny and I am not 😦  Because of the above, I haven’t cooked much this week.  In fact, this is the only dish I have made.  Cooking for one is no fun. Continue reading


In My Kitchen – February 2015



In my kitchen:

Are freshly picked capers (and a few caperberries).  We had to fight 39°C  heat and a million ants to get these.  Ants are all over the plants. The caper buds have tiny nectar glands which attract ants. You have to flick the ants off before you can pick the capers.  They are horrid. Continue reading

Tahini cookies


I was reading Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem not so long ago and the preamble to his recipe for tahini cookies.  It appears a few years ago, tahini cookies were all the rage in Israel.  I had never heard of them but was interested as Ottolenghi advised they taste like halva, which I absolutely adore. The association makes sense because halva is made with tahini and sugar, two key ingredients in these yummy biscuits. Continue reading

Baby spinach salad with dates & almonds


I know I am going through an Ottolenghi stage (and there is more to come) but don’t worry, it won’t last.  I go through stages all the time.  This is the salad recipe I have been wanting to post for ages.  At first I didn’t like the photo, then I thought, “Too much Ottolenghi”  and then I thought, “What the hell!”  This is a great salad, light and simple: just as a salad should be.  I have made it three times in the last month so it must be good. Continue reading