In my kitchen – May 2015


In my kitchen:

Are ANZACs.  ANZACs are a significant biscuit in the Australian psyche.  It became a practice during WWI for the family of soldiers to make this simple biscuit for their loved ones serving in the conflict.  The biscuits are so sturdy they were able to withstand the three month sea voyage from Australia to Europe to arrive at the battle field in one piece.  These days, many add all sorts of yummy things to their ANZACs but I like to stick to the original recipe as a token of respect to their origins.   My ANZACs are sitting in a little Turkish dish, a nod to all those young men who perished in Gallipoli 100 years ago. Continue reading

Olive Varieties in Perth

I am often asked to identify olive varieties so I thought those with trees out there may be interested in checking out the varieties I have.

All the distinction between oil olives and table olives means is that olives bred for oil will usually have a higher oil content and table olives will usually be larger and have a better pit to flesh ratio.  You can pickle oil olives and you can press table olives.  If, after reading this post, you discover you have an oil variety, pickle away.  You will just have small olives rich in oil on your table. Continue reading