In My Kitchen – October 2013

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In my kitchen:

Is this wonderful wooden platter.  It was made in Tasmania from Tasmanian Myrtle. I bought it in Margaret River quite a few years ago.  It is inspired by the Cape Barren goose of the Furneaux Island.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The craftsmanship is stunning. Continue reading


Chicken Traybake

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I love simple one-dish chicken traybake recipes.  They take no time to prepare, look impressive and taste great.  This one is by the lovely Nigella (Nigellissima) but you don’t really need a recipe, most combos will work.

For this recipe, and all tray bakes, you need chicken on the bone with skin on (I usually buy a whole free range chicken and joint it but chicken thighs or Marylands would work just as well) and a baking tray big enough so all the chicken can fit in one layer. Continue reading

Sausages with Beans and Peppers


I was at the hairdressers the other day and reading the Woman’s Day, (as one does at the hairdressers).  The dismal affair of the horrible altercation between Nigella and her soon-to-be ex-husband was reported in gross detail.

This got me thinking about Nigellissima, again, so I took it to bed with me and tagged a few recipes that sounded good.  I then gave Maus a choice for the next night’s dinner.  She chose this dish. Continue reading


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I have recently been seduced by Nigella.  She has been swooning all over my television screen show-casing Nigellissima.  Of course, I succumbed to her charm and bought the book.  But I must say, it is disappointing.  Not that it isn’t a good book; just that it doesn’t compare to Nigella shrugging her shoulder as she licks a spoon. Continue reading