Things about soap


I have said it before, and I will say it again, “Making soap is so much fun.”  It is just like cooking, but better!  It is a great hobby for you can start without having to go out and buy lots of stuff.  I made my first batch on a whim when I was in Bridgetown and was able to buy everything I needed locally.   And, even on your first try, if you the follow instructions carefully, you are sure to end up with some perfectly usable soap.

Your first effort should be plain, with no colour and no fragrance so you understand how the batter should work but, before long, you are sure to want to add colour and fragrance to your soap.  This is where things get exciting. Continue reading


Further to my olive leaf powder …


For those who are as fascinated by my olive leaf powder as I am (come on, there must be at least one person out there who is mildly interested), I have some very interesting photos for you.  They may not win any “Photo of the Year” award but, for the ‘fascinated’, they will be interesting. Continue reading

Remember my olive leaf powder?


Well, this is what it looks like made up into soap.

I looked at piles of sites on the web to work out how much powder to use and decided on two teaspoons per pound (450g) of soap.  For my taste, this may have been a bit much – I would have preferred the soap a little paler.  Of course, it could have been the recipe I used (the oils were a bit yellow) and discolouration from the fragrance oil.  I will have to try a few alternatives of each, and see what happens. Continue reading