What we’ve been cooking … August 2015

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Even though I seem to spend half my life in the kitchen, I didn’t make many favourites last month.  We sampled quite a few new recipes (most of which weren’t post-worthy)  and we have eaten quite a bit of ho-hum food of late.  As a consequence, there are only a couple of old favourites to report for this month’s round up of What we’ve been cooking. Continue reading


Once is enough …


This month, The Cookbook Guru is featuring Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf.  One great thing about trying out recipes for the Cookbook Guru is you get to do a post even when the recipe is a dud. Normally, if a recipe is a dud, I write next to it, “Once is enough” and move on.  But the Cookbook Guru wants us to critique recipes in the featured cookbook.

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In My Kitchen – October 2014


In my kitchen:

Are seeds, seeds and more seeds.  I have been getting my vegie patch ready for summer and putting in all my seeds.  This year, I have grown red kidney, cannellini, borlotti and stringless beans; Roma tomatoes (only a couple, I promise); Lebanese cucumbers (only a few); capsicums; corn; basil; coriander; white, brown and red onions; leaks; rocket; ruby chard; summer broccoli; and Kent pumpkins.  I just love watching and waiting for the seedlings to pop up through the soil.  They started appearing a couple of days ago, along with the snails and slugs which appear to like the little plants as much as I do. Continue reading