Tuna and warm potato salad


It is summer-glut time and this year it is beans, beans and more beans.  I didn’t have many last year but, this year, it is beans galore and they all seem to have come at once.  Off to Eat Your Books I went and typed “beans”!  I wanted either a pasta dish or a salad.  I found quite a few recipes worth trying, including this one.  It was a real jackpot.  It is dead easy to make, a meal in itself and very tasty.  We have already had it twice this summer.

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Pork with Blackcurrants

Regina has been knocking on our door with pork fillets, again …  We are so lucky. Thankyou, Regina.

I searched my books for another recipe to do justice to the beautiful pork and I came across another one from The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde.  This recipe appealed because I am big on serving fruit as part of a main meal.  Apples go with pork and I imagined the acidity of the blackcurrants would be a perfect foil for the meat. Continue reading

Tourte Au Camembert

Maus chose this dish.  It is probably not something I would have chosen to make but it tasted very good.  It is amazing how wonderful simple dishes can be.  It is perfect as a main for a vegetarian meal or as an accompaniment to a meat dish. Continue reading