Pot-roasted rabbit with rosemary, thyme, sage and lemon

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I have mentioned before on this blog that I am a big fan of rabbit but it appears not many others are.  If you have never tasted it, you should try it and, if you had wild rabbit as a kid and didn’t like it, give the farmed rabbits a go.  Farmed rabbits are much milder than wild rabbits.  You cannot get wild rabbits in Perth anymore because of the myxoma and calici viruses.   Farmed rabbits, however, are readily available from butchers, though they are, invariably, frozen.

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Best Chorizo and Tomato Salad in the World

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I was flipping through Jamie Oliver’s jamie does ….. the other day, looking for our favourite meatball recipe.  I should do a post on them but they wouldn’t be particularly photogenic – they look just like meatballs.  They taste great, though.  If you have the book, make them.  They are on page 196.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was flipping through jamie does … and it fell open at page 22, Best Chorizo and Tomato Salad in the World.  Now, there is a big call!  The recipe called for both cherry tomatoes and normal sized tomatoes.  I was instantly interested.  We had it for lunch that day and, I must say, as promised by Jamie, it was very, very tasty. Continue reading