Arizona is a Hybrid Tea rose.

According to Botanica’s Roses, the colour of Arizona’s blooms varies according to location.  The colour is described by Botanica as follows:  The base colour is coppery orange, with salmon-red towards the petal edges and yellow in the petal depths; the tones are richer in cool climates.  The catalogue from where I bought my Arizona describes it as gold, copper and orange which seems a pretty good description of  the rose in the head photo.  The colour is pretty rich in our warm temperate climate so it must be quite magnificent, if it is indeed richer, in cool climates. Continue reading


The colour of Angelique will stop you in your tracks.  It is usually described in the catalogues as bright vermillion – I would call it bright orange.  It is not a colour that I would normally appreciate but the colour is so bright, so startling and so pure, that it demands attention and, therefore, could not be forsaken when spotted in the nursery.   In my apricot bed, it acts as a perfect contrast. Continue reading

Hannah Gordon

Hannah Gordon is a beauty but it appears there is some controversy over its name and categorisation.

I instinctively tagged this rose ‘Floribunda’ and then went looking for entries in my catalogues only to find it categorised as a ‘Hybrid Tea’.  Sceptical though I was, I changed the tag.  I then did a Google search and found it under ‘Floribunda’. Continue reading