Whatcha been doin’?

We have been cooking.  It feels comforting to be cooking.  I am getting really bad cabin fever which is a grand effort on seven acres.  I know just about everyone else is worse off than me but ….. grrrrrrrr.

It is not just because of the coronavirus.   A few years back, we leased our house in Perth.  This was because looking after two houses was getting to be a real pain in the arse.  Instead, we stayed in our flat when we visited Perth.  The flat worked out perfectly until we got the puppies because, unfortunately, the flat is carpeted throughout. Continue reading


Lunch-Box Cookies

IMG_3317 copy

On ANZAC day, I decided against making Anzacs in favour of a biscuit with rolled oats and fruit.  I know I should have been making Anzacs but I do like a bit of fruit in my biscuits.

I made Merle’s (Merle Parrish, Merle’s Kitchen) Oatmeal Cookies which were all right but a little too cakey for my liking.  The next day, I thought I would try again.  This time I searched ‘rolled oats’ on Eat Your Books and came up with this recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook (1979 edition). Continue reading