Herb & Chilli Chicken with Turmeric Potatoes and Silverbeet with Mint & Yoghurt

This is a very simple, but tasty dish.  So tasty in fact, I have already made it twice.   I discovered it in the latest issue of Cuisine magazine.  The first time I made it I used drumettes and the second time, Marylands.  The Marylands were better.  Whatever you use, make sure you buy chicken with the bone in and the skin on.

I love the fact that it is served with silverbeet.  We have silverbeet everywhere at the moment and it is great to have a use for it.    As I have mentioned before I am not a great fan of silverbeet but, served with mint-flavoured yoghurt, it is quite nice.  The first time I didn’t drain the yoghurt (the recipe does not say to do so) but in the picture in the magazine the yoghurt looks very solid and it was much nicer when it was drained. Continue reading