Saving Turkish Delight


Did your Turkish Delight show great potential?  Mine did.  I poked and prodded with great expectations as it cooled and firmed up.  The next day, we cut it into lovely little squares and tossed it in a mixture of icing sugar and cornflour.  It looked beautiful.  I photographed it and then carefully put each piece in a tin, separating the layers with baking paper.

A couple of hours later, I went back to admire my brilliance (and sample a piece), only to see clumps of soggy, soft jelly where my beautiful firm squares of Turkish Delight had been.  It appears my Turkish Delight sweated.  When this happens, head to the web.  It is sure to have happened to some one else. Continue reading


Not-so-delightful Turkish Delight


Sorry, there haven’t been many posts of late.  With Spring comes fertilising, weeding, raking, burning off, regenerating the vegie patch, brushcutting and mowing, mowing and more mowing.  With two properties (one being seven acres), we are two busy bees this time of year.  We usually come in late and tired.  And I am not thinking, ‘What new concoction can I make?’; rather, ‘What is the quickest thing I can make?’  But the other night I thought, ‘Damn dinner, I am going to make Turkish Delight.’

This is my first attempt at Turkish Delight.  Alas, it was not a great success.  It looked good (at first) and it tastes good but it is not firm enough.  After this photo was taken, it sweated so much that all the icing sugar/cornflour coating melted and it became a sticky mess.  What a pity – I had high hopes for it.  It is currently in the dehydrator being saved, I hope. Continue reading