In My Kitchen – March 2013

In my kitchen:

Are cucumbers and tomatoes.    What else?  You may well ask.

My vegie patch experience has taught me so much this year.

Number one lesson:  10 cucumber plants will feed, at least, 50 people for the summer.  I have never seen so many cucumbers in my whole life – 28 was our record for one day.  At last, they are beginning to slow down. We are now picking about 8-10 every second day.   I don’t know how many cucumbers I thought two people could eat.  Maus has even taken to accosting strangers in the street and offering them cucumbers.  On most occasions, they are so amazed at the offer, they take one.

We now know which of our neighbours are big cucumber eaters.  I am sure this is useful information that will come in handy one day (a bit like all the things in Maus’ sheds).

Here is a photo of Jules doing the right thing for the cucumber cause.  Luckily, my three dogs like cucumbers.  They are a great treat for dogs because they are good for them, they love them and they have very few calories.  Lily has been known to eat half a cucumber at one sitting.  IMG_2560 copy Continue reading