Graham Crackers


A while back, I got it into my head that I wanted to make Granita biscuits.  I searched the web, assuming I would find a recipe – you can find anything on the web – except, it seems, a recipe for Granita biscuits.  All the hits I got were from distressed expat US citizens asking where could they find Graham Crackers.  Their pleas were heart wrenching.  Mostly, they wanted to make a biscuit base for a cheese cake and, it appears, this cannot be done without Graham Crackers.  In most cases, another expat came to their aid and suggested Granita biscuits would make a suitable (if inferior) substitute.

Mmm … if Granita biscuits are a substitute for Graham Crackers then, logically, Graham Crackers may be a substitute for Granita biscuits. Continue reading