In My Kitchen – April 2016


In my kitchen:

Are two Kashmiri papier mâché apples.  We bought them in Sri Nagar in 1988 from Suffering Moses – yes, that was the name of the shop.  They are hand painted.  I can see why we bought them.  I love the colours and the stained glass on our front windows is of irises.  Because of this, we have bought quite a few iris-themed pieces over the years.

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In My Kitchen – May 2014

In my kitchen this month are so many new things, Maus has told me I have to hold some things over for next month.  That one is ruthless, I tell you.


In my kitchen:

Is a Lebanese water jug (brik). These are everywhere in Lebanon and we wanted to buy one but didn’t see them for sale which, as it turns out, was lucky for us.  This guy (which is not of the best quality but was cheap so I am not complaining) comes from the fab shop, Harkola, in Auburn.  The wonderful Celia (Fig Jam and Lime Cordial) and Pete took us there whilst we were in Sydney.

We were having lunch at Al Aseel, Newtown, when Celia poured us each a glass of water from one.  As she did so, she asked, “Do you want one of these?”, to which both Maus and I replied, in unison, “Yes”.  Before we knew it, we were whizzing off to Auburn to get one. Continue reading