Today’s recipe is another from this month’s feature cookbook by The Cookbook Guru, The Book of Household Management, by Mrs Isabella Beeton.  I think I deserve a medal for attempting this recipe.  Mrs Beeton is not particularly forthcoming with quantities and instructions and I had never made a rich, sweet bread before so I really didn’t know how the dough should look.  All this made the task challenging, to say the least.  All worked out well and we ended up with ten perfect dampfnudeln.  Kids (and men) would love these. I can imagine feeding a room full of teenagers and it wouldn’t cost much more than the price of a dozen eggs. Continue reading


Crème Brûlée

When I go to a restaurant, I always check out the dessert menu to see if it includes crème brûlée for I have a saying: ‘crème brûlée is always worth the calories’.

It is amazing, considering how much I love it, that I have never tried to make it – until now. For some reason, I thought it must be really difficult to make. My logic was that if it tastes that good, it must be tricky.   How wrong could I be? Continue reading