In My Kitchen – September 2014

061copyIn my kitchen:

Is my new storage box that Maus made.  As you all know, we alternate between two houses.  We have well-stocked pantries in both houses but there are some things we just don’t want to double up on.  So we take a number of items back and forth in case we need them in the other house.  I usually use a cut-off wine box for the job but Maus decided it just wasn’t up to scratch.  My box fits perfectly in our oversized esky.  She is such a sweetie, sometimes …. Continue reading

Liver Biscuits

Maggie, Lily and Jules had guests (Mollie and Bella) stay on the weekend so we decided to make some biscuits to share with the guests.  M, L & J’s favourites are liver biscuits so we decided to go with them.  They were very popular.  My trio was happy to share, provided they got their’s first.  Bella and Mollie loved them. Continue reading