Beef Jerky for Puppy Dogs

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I was reading a post by ChgoJohn a few weeks back about how he makes beef and chicken jerky for his beloved Max.  It was a bit of a coincidence because, at a recent family gathering, my niece, Fleur, was handing out jerky she had made.  I had never tasted it before.  It tasted pretty good.

It got me thinking.  I have been drying liver for my dogs for years but had never thought of drying meat.  Obviously, dried meat is going to cost more than dried liver but, as John mentioned, you can use cheap cuts of meat (as long as it is not fatty). I had a topside in the freezer, so that is what I used. Continue reading

Dried Liver Treats

Ages ago, I was at my sister’s place and her husband was giving treats to his 2  and my 3 dogs.  I had never seen such enthusiasm.  Each was assertively demanding its share, even the most timid.  I was intrigued as to what was having this effect on all 5 dogs.   I asked him what it was.  He showed me a packet – ‘Liver Treats’, it said.  I checked out the ingredients.  There was only one – liver. Continue reading