The Prince


The Prince is another David Austin beauty.

You just have to love the colour of this rose.  It is a magnificent deep, deep crimson.  David Austin advises in his book , English Roses, that Graham Thomas believed The Prince to be the first variety of this shade to be introduced since 1840.  It is a colour more characteristic of old Gallicas than modern roses. Continue reading



IMG_1937 copyProspero is a David Austin Rose which he has classified into the group, Old Rose Hybrids.  In his book, The English Roses, Austin explains that he has classified the original English Roses (David Austin Roses) into this group.  They are the result of crossing the early summer-flowering Old Roses with modern Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses with the idea of combining the best characteristics of both: the repeat flowering and wide colour range of modern roses with the unique beauty and natural shrubby growth of old roses. Continue reading