The Prince


The Prince is another David Austin beauty.

You just have to love the colour of this rose.  It is a magnificent deep, deep crimson.  David Austin advises in his book , English Roses, that Graham Thomas believed The Prince to be the first variety of this shade to be introduced since 1840.  It is a colour more characteristic of old Gallicas than modern roses. Continue reading



IMG_2846 copy

There were a few reasons why I decided to do the Rose of the Week series but the number one reason was to stop and take stock of the roses I have, to find out a bit about each one and, most importantly, to take time to appreciate their beauty.  There are always jobs to do, both in Perth and Bridgetown.  There is, literally, no time to smell the roses.  These posts make me stop and look and smell.  I sometimes only realise their beauty after I have taken the photos and am examining them to work out which ones to include and why.

So it was with Troilus.  I can honestly say I have never really noticed it before I picked a bud for this post.  It is a very me rose so I can see why I bought it but, clearly, there are bigger and louder roses in the garden demanding my attention. Continue reading


Heritage is beautiful.  Its flower is close, for my taste, to perfection. If your tastes lend themselves to old world chiffon pink roses, this one is for you.

This rose if full of old world charm.  It has a delicate, shell-like beauty and delightful old world fragrance. The blooms are perfectly cupped with petals that crowd the centre of the bloom. Continue reading

Radio Times

Years ago, when I didn’t know much about roses – I still don’t really –  I asked my colleague, Tiffany,  to choose 2 David Austin roses for me as I wanted a row of 8 standards along the front of my garden.  She chose Heritage and Radio Times.  She chose well.  The standards are easily 3 metres high and make a striking statement from spring until autumn.  Radio Times is the stronger and  bolder of the 2.

Continue reading