In My Kitchen – August 2015


027copyIn my kitchen:

Is this lovely Hebron glass plate.

I was wiping this plate the other day and I said to Maus, “This is my most precious possession.”  Not in the monetary sense but in the sentimental sense.  My mum bought it for me in the early 70’s.  It was the first item in my glory box.  For those too young to know what a glory box is: it is a collection of household items gathered by young unmarried women in anticipation of married life.   I don’t know if one has a glory box these days, but you sure did in the 70’s. Continue reading

Customised cookies or … the case of the second Y


My mate, Colette, has just been on holiday to the Motherland and came back bearing a haul of gifts for me (more in this month’s IMK post).  Thanks, Colette.  One of my gifts was this customisable cookie stamp.  I thought it was a hoot.  I immediately got all the letters out and started playing.  It’s Maus’ birthday in a couple of days so I decided to construct “Happy birthday”.  You can imagine my anguish when I got to “day” only to find there was not a second “Y”.  I was pretty pissed off – “pathetic,” I thought.  I was especially grumpy since the packaging showed a stamp bearing the message, ” Happy 5th Bday!” which, as you can see, needs two “Ys”.  Because I couldn’t make “Happy Birthday”, I went for the above sycophantic message.

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