Glacéd Cumquats

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I must admit, I am a little bit obsessed with cumquats.  It is just that so many people grow them as an ornamental tree and don’t bother to use the fruit.  This really upsets me.  My philosophy on life is (well, one of them, anyway):  the world has limited resources and if you have food at hand, you should eat it rather than going to a supermarket and buying something from half way around the world that costs the earth more than it can afford.  Ok, now I will get off my bandwagon and start discussing the delights of cumquats.

If you have cumquats growing on your patio, there is a lot you can do with them.  A great idea is to finely slice them crossways, boil them in a sugar syrup and serve them with a dessert, such as Maggie Beer’s buttermilk panna cotta with cumquat syrup.  Here is the link to the recipe.  It is one of my favourite desserts. Continue reading


In My Kitchen – October 2012

In my kitchen:

Is proof I didn’t compost all my Rangpur Limes (aka mandarin/lemon crosses).  This is a small sample of the cordial I made.  We gave away as many as we could find homes for and then started squeezing.  The cordial is amazingly good.  We like it better than the lemon cordial I made earlier in the season.  I used 3 litres of juice, 1 kilogram of sugar and ½ teaspoon of metabisulphate (to preserve it).  I brought it all to the boil and then bottled it – very easy and no guilt.  All up, I made 9 litres. Continue reading