Tell me…  Who would be so stupid as to make a very large batch of biscuit dough (one they haven’t made before and, therefore, don’t know what it is going to taste like) one evening and then next morning spend two hours pressing the dough into a rag doll mould and then continue moulding the dough that evening (there was a lot of dough and it was bloody boring) and then put the biscuits in the fridge until the next morning so they keep their impression and then bake them and then, when they were cold, TRY to ice faces onto them? Continue reading

Speculaas Mark II

Remember my speculaas mold?

Before we go any further, I have no idea about the singular and the plural of this word nor the difference between the words speculaas, speculaasjes and speculaasje.   This is how one source on the web explained it:

The word comes from the Latin “speculum”, mirror image, referring to the mold used in producing them. The plural of “speculum” is “specula”, which in “more plural” is “speculaas”, which made “smaller” is “speculaasje”, which in plural is “speculaasjes”, so the word is three times plural. And that’s proper Dutch.

There you go!!  Sounds like double-Dutch to me. Continue reading

In My Kitchen – July 2012

In my kitchen is:

My balsamic vinegar.  I cannot believe that this is my 5th ‘In My Kitchen’ and I haven’t show-cased my balsamic vinegar.  I bought it in 2006 when I was holidaying in Emilia Romagna, the A$ was worth €0.50 and, as I remember it, this bottle (100 mls) cost me about €80.  The sad tale is:  I am too tight to open it. Continue reading