I have been making soap, again …

I have been making soap again and am having a ball.  Now we are settled into Bridgetown on a more permanent basis, I have been trying to build up my supply of soap ready for Christmas.  Soap needs four weeks to cure and I am going away for the whole of September, therefore, I don’t have that much time to build up supplies.

Soaping is a wonderful hobby because there is so much to learn and I love learning new things.  My long term plan is to get a range of soaps that I can make consistently.  I am still at the very beginning of this stage but there are already some soaps I think will form part of this range. Continue reading

Starry, Starry Night


I hadn’t made soap for one month and I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms so, a couple of days ago, I decided to remedy the situation.

I have had the idea for a Starry, Starry Night soap for ages (I actually made the moon a couple of months ago) but I was too busy making soap for the Easter stall and for my sister, to put my idea into practice. I thought it was a bit risky making it for the stall as I wasn’t sure how it would work out.  I had never used indigo powder or salt in soap before. Continue reading

More soaping lessons and soaping fun …

040copyAs you can see, I have been at it again.  I really can’t help myself so I don’t even try to refrain.

Both soaps I am showcasing today are about using up soap scraps.  You can make really nice soap using left over bits and pieces.  The top photo is what is typically called “confetti soap”.  I am calling this one “Fruit Tingle” because it looks and smells like Fruit Tingle lollies.  The fragrance is Bramble Berry Energy fragrance oil.  To make this soap, cut up, or grate, bits of left over soap, then make a new batch, stir in the scraps and plonk it into a mould. Continue reading

Cylinder Pour Soap


If I say so myself, I am getting quite good at this soap-making business.  Well, sometimes I am.  I really love making soap so I am determined to learn from my mistakes.  This was my second try at making cylinder pour soap.  The first time, I let the batter get too thick, therefore, when I tried to pour it into the mould, it wouldn’t pour.  I had to spoon it in.  The colours were a bit yuk, too.  It ended up with white, grey and green.  The grey was a bit weird and the green was a bit “out there”.  To make things worse, I used Bramble Berry green tea fragrance oil which I didn’t particularly like.  Damn it! I bought a big bottle, too.  I will have to mix it with something else.

Continue reading