I have been making soap, again …

I have been making soap again and am having a ball.  Now we are settled into Bridgetown on a more permanent basis, I have been trying to build up my supply of soap ready for Christmas.  Soap needs four weeks to cure and I am going away for the whole of September, therefore, I don’t have that much time to build up supplies.

Soaping is a wonderful hobby because there is so much to learn and I love learning new things.  My long term plan is to get a range of soaps that I can make consistently.  I am still at the very beginning of this stage but there are already some soaps I think will form part of this range. Continue reading

Soap, soap, soap & more soap


I know it is hard to believe but, by Christmas day, I was all outa soap.  A month before Christmas, I was concerned that the soap would take over the house but then I really got into the Christmas groove and sold or gave away every decent bar of soap I had.  Maus and I get to use the not-so-pretty ones.  It felt great being liberated from all the old ones and gave me an excuse to make some more. Continue reading