I fibbed …


…’Cause, I did say there would be no more Clivia posts for this year but I didn’t account for my wicked sister, Sandra.  Sandra is responsible, directly or indirectly, for all the Clivias in this post. Continue reading


My new Clivias


As you would all know by now, I am an excitable woman.  And this week, I am really excited about my new Clivias.

My sister, Sandra, put me onto a fabulous nursery, Clivia Classiques, in Forrestdale.  We went there last week and I was extremely impressed.  They have a huge enclosure, exclusively dedicated to Clivias.  There are thousands of Clivias.  I could not believe my eyes.  When we were there, most of the Clivias were just in bud but, in a week or two, the whole area will be amass with blooms. Continue reading