In search of Chocolate Meringue Cake



Not so long ago, I read this recipe on Francesca’s blog Almost Italian and I knew, instantly, that I was going to try it.  There are only five ingredients: egg whites (how I love to find a use for my ever-expanding freezer collection), sugar, chocolate, walnuts and dates.  With those ingredients, how could it not taste Absolutely Fabulous?  Then, whilst reading the comments on the post, I was fascinated to note that Sandra from Please Pass the Recipe had also posted the recipe on her blog.  That got me thinking.  From all those years studying statistics, I knew it could not be by chance that they had both come up with the same recipe.  So where did it come from?  Such a question is usually quite easy to solve with the help of Google – you can find anything on the web or, as it turns out, just about anything. Continue reading