One Perfect Day …

IMG_0892copyNot so many years ago, when I was sitting in an office in a high rise building in St Georges Terrace, dreaming of retiring, I could not have dreamed of a better day than I had the other day.

I dreamed of having a vegie patch, I dreamed of making apple cider and wine and vinegar and cheese and soap.  I dreamed of cooking in a solar oven, of making pizzas and baking bread in a brick oven.  I dreamed of preserving produce that I had grown, I dreamed and I dreamed….  And whilst I sat in that office, looking at the clouds come and go, I tried to work out what I really wanted in life, what I wanted to do.  I knew it  involved getting out of that office as quickly as possible, but what else?

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Barazek (Sesame Seed Cookies) or … in need of a Lebanese Aunt

2013 08 09_0563 copy

On our recent trip, I bought this fantastic book, The Culinary Heritage of Lebanon by Chef Ramzi.  I had never heard of him but it appears he is a bit of a star.  The book covers all the regions of Lebanon (with fabulous photos) and then details the traditional food of each region.  The book was originally written in Arabic but has been translated into English, French, Spanish (or, rather, “Spanich”), Portuguese and German.  It is a big and heavy book (528 pages) which contributed, significantly, to the weight of my luggage.  I highly recommend it for anyone obsessed with Lebanese food.

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