Spaghetti with slow-cooked cauliflower & broccoli


We are eating broccoli, snow peas, asparagus and avocados at the moment and lots of them.  The other day, Maus even said that she was sick of avocados.  Now that is a problem.  We have two trees laden with the buggers.  It is near the end of the season, though.  Soon she will be spared.  It will be tomatoes with this and cucumbers with that.

The broccoli situation, as I predicted, is serious.  As with everything you grow, it came all at once.  In one week, I picked seven broccoli heads.  Luckily, I saw enough people to find homes for them all.

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Linguine, broccoli and pancetta

034copy1I planted broccoli this summer, notwithstanding my understanding that broccoli is a winter crop.

Friends came to visit in early spring and during their stay they toured a broccoli farm that specialises in summer broccoli.  The next day, I was at the local hardware shop and noticed summer broccoli seeds.  I was willing to be proven wrong, so I planted a row of seeds.  And now we have lots of broccoli.  🙂 Continue reading