020copy I am going to have trouble with this post because, to be honest, I don’t know much anything about Mariana.  I presume I acquired this rose the year I went through a rose catalogue and bought nearly all the ‘apricot’ roses in it.  As it turns out, Mariana is not my kinda rose, but every rose in my garden is going to have its moment of glory and, this week, it is Mariana’s turn.  I have just checked out the current catalogue of the nursery in question and Mariana is no-where to be seen.

Anyway, I will do my best.  Mariana is a Hybrid Tea rose.  The blooms can just about be described as variable in colour.  They are, in part, orange, deep coral and deep yellow.  The blooms are typical hybrid tea-shaped, semi-cupped, with a high centre.  The petals, however, are quite distinctive, as some are ruffled along the edges.  There is no perfume. Continue reading