Multi-grain salad


It’s OK going through a stage when you get to eat yummy food like this.  I spotted this recipe in this month’s Cuisine Magazine (Issue 166 September 2014).  It fitted the bill nicely – whole grains, nuts,  seeds, and green vegetable – how good is that? …and it tasted great.  Even Maus, who is not a big eater, went back for seconds. Continue reading

Rigatoni with Broccoli, Almonds and Currants


As I have mentioned previously, the Cookbook Guru has allocated this month for members to pitch for a book or books to be featured.  I have already pitched for The Food of Morocco, by Paula Wolfert, and now a pitch for someone closer to home.

If you were to ask me who my favourite cookbook writer is, I would probably say Maggie Beer.  Maggie Beer has been a significant contributor to the creation of an uniquely Australian style of cuisine. Continue reading

Beetroot Risotto with Feta


Maus and I are always in a dilemma about what to have for dinner.  Being the proud owner of a blog, I feel a need to try different things.  Maus, on the other hand, feels no such burden.  She is happy to have whatever I give her.  And if she is cooking, baked beans, an omelette or rissoles will do just fine.  Clearly, it is a balancing act between the two.

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Man’oushé with za’atar and with spinach and cheese



Pizzas or man’oushé (in Lebanon) and me have had a convoluted history.  To me, a good pizza is all about the base.  For years, I have been trying to make the perfect pizza base:  it needs to have bite, be thin and crisp and, ideally, a little charred in places.  A big call for a domestic oven. Continue reading



This month, The Cook Book Guru is featuring Claudia Roden’s A New Book of Middle Eastern Food.  I have already posted two recipes from this cookbook, Moroccan Tagine with Prunes and Muhallabia (one of my all-time favourite desserts).   As I have previously mentioned, Claudia’s book is the classic English language cookbook on Middle Eastern cooking.  It was first published as A Book of Middle Eastern Food in 1968. Continue reading

Almond Rosti Potatoes with Goat Cheese


We are big on potato rostis in this house.  When I was still working and Maus was the cook, potato rostis were always the fall back when nothing was planned for dinner.  I would come home from work ravenous and Maus would give me this apologetic look and say, “Is mock fish ok?”  You see, potato rostis were always called mock fish in times past.

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Roasted Cauliflower with Citrus Tahini Sauce


I have moaned more than once about my friend, Colette, being vegetarian as I find it difficult to come up with different and interesting vegetarian dishes for her.  Colette either gets one of the few tried and true recipes or some strange concoction that shouldn’t be repeated.  As a result, when I spy a vegetarian dish that looks interesting and tasty, I get a little excited.  Such was the case when I spied this recipe in Suzanne Husseini’s  Modern Flavours of Arabia. Continue reading

Persian Potato Patties with Garlic Chives (Kuku-ye sibzamini)


Maus, who is in charge of fritters, patties and the like in our household, made these last week and they were very, very tasty.

Having the burden of a vegetarian friend requires me to be permanently on the lookout for tasty vegetarian dishes so when Maus spotted this recipe in Greg and Lucy Malouf’s New Middle Eastern Food, I was willing to give them a bash.  The recipe originally appeared in Saraban. Continue reading

Zucchini, feta and dill pie

IMG_3149 copy

We had friends over at Easter, including the darling, Colette.  Colette is a vegetarian and not a great fan of cooking so, over the years, whenever I came across a great, simple, vegetarian dish, I would give her the recipe.  Belinda Jeffery’s Zucchini, Feta and Dill Pie, is one such recipe.  Colette even got Mix and Bake for a birthday present one year. It is not a vegetarian book but Belinda’s books do include a significant number of vegetarian recipes. Continue reading

Tomato and Sage Tart

IMG_2051 copy

We were in the local newsagency the other day, buying birthday cards (it appears that most people I know have birthdays at the end of January) and the cover of Feast Magazine (Issue 18) jumped out at me. It was a decidedly better photo of this tart. Continue reading