The easiest pumpkin soup recipe ever and … my pressure canner to the rescue

Everyone has their favourite pumpkin soup recipe.  My favourite is one I have posted before – Pumpkin, cashew and coriander soup.  It is a beauty (check it out here) but it does take a bit of effort.  And there are plenty of times when effort does not figure.  For those times, I have been dreaming of a recipe my mum used to make.  I had it hand written in my recipe book but somehow I lost it.  I did ask my sisters but to no avail.   I remembered the ingredients – chicken stock, pumpkin, tomatoes and onion but I couldn’t remember the proportions.

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Bean and Tomato Soup

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As you know, we have been on holidays.  Last week in Lisbon, it was 43°C.  Yesterday, we arrived in Bridgetown to 10°C.  I know that would not sound cold to those who live in the northern hemisphere but the Aussies out there will appreciate how cold that is.  It was freezing!!

Instantly, Maus turned her mind to soup.  I am very particular about my soup.  In my humble opinion, nothing beats pea and ham soup but this one comes pretty close.  It is based on a recipe from The Australian Women’s Weekly Mediterranean Cookbook.  It is very hearty. Certainly a meal in itself.  We make it regularly. Continue reading

Pea and Ham Soup

What’s with the weather?  It is days since I have seen a ray of sunshine. Not that I am complaining, I love winter.  It is just that it is so unlike Perth.  The heat goes on for so long, you can’t imagine it ever coming to an end, especially, with a cold, wet spell like this.

But it has and it is time to bring out the big guns.  It’s cold, it’s wet and we all need some pea and ham soup to cheer us up.  Now, I appreciate that you probably have your own way of making it but just in case someone out there has never made it or has lost their family recipe, this is what I do. Continue reading

Pumpkin, Cashew and Coriander Soup

The weather has finally broken in Perth and it is cool enough to consider soup.

Remember those pumpkins and the pumpkin soup recipe I promised?

This is my favourite pumpkin soup recipe, ever.  I found it in my November 2008 copy of Cuisine magazine.  Cuisine magazine is a NZ publication.  It’s a great food, wine and life style magazine.  It’s the only magazine to which I subscribe. Continue reading