Salt and pepper squid


Squid and I have a funny relationship.  I really like squid but don’t (before now) make it at home.  This is because the couple of times I have tried to cook it, I have ended up with rubber.  And I don’t get much encouragement from Maus.  Maus is not a fan of squid or seafood, generally, for that matter.

Because of the above, and the fact that seafood is good for me,  whenever I see squid on a restaurant menu,  I order it.  I am sure all my friends and rellies think I love squid. Continue reading


A blast from the past … if ever there was one.



It has been ages since I made a dish like this.  In fact, I am pretty confident it has been, at least, 30 years.

That means these avocado bowls have been sitting in my cupboard, unused, for 30 years.  I can hardly believe it.  They were a Christmas gift from my sister, Juanita, when avocado entrées were all the rage.  They were used regularly, at the time, but had long since been forgotten. Continue reading

Tuna and warm potato salad


It is summer-glut time and this year it is beans, beans and more beans.  I didn’t have many last year but, this year, it is beans galore and they all seem to have come at once.  Off to Eat Your Books I went and typed “beans”!  I wanted either a pasta dish or a salad.  I found quite a few recipes worth trying, including this one.  It was a real jackpot.  It is dead easy to make, a meal in itself and very tasty.  We have already had it twice this summer.

Continue reading

Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad with Coconut Dressing


It is amazing how things turn out.  Little did I know when I wrote my very first post, ‘Passionfruit Syrup’, that it would turn out to be my most popular.  Nor did I know, a post on a very simple salad,  ‘Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad‘, would be my second most popular.  (For the curious: my third most popular is ‘International Scone Week 2012’.  I made pumpkin scones.) Continue reading

Tuna and Spinach Patties

I visited my friend, Deb, a while back and, as I was leaving, she handed me several recipes.  “You might like to try these”, she said.  Deb likes to read recipes – she is not quite so keen on cooking them:)

One of the recipes caught my eye because it required spinach.  We are overwhelmed with silverbeet, at the moment, and I thought we could replace the spinach with silverbeet. Continue reading

Sorby Adams – Yellow Curry Prawns with Lime.

Whilst we were in the Barossa, I read the Summer 2011/12 edition of Barossa Living.  In this magazine, there was a section highlighting the local restaurants and featuring a couple of their specialty recipes.  We decided to go to each of the restaurants and check out their specialty dish.  We had a ball and some very lovely food. 

One of the restaurants was Sorby Adams Wine Room & Pantry and the special recipe was Yellow Curry Prawns with Lime.  I knew as soon as I read the recipe that I was going to like the dish.  You would have guessed by now, I love coriander and citrus things and a bit of chilli to boot.  The dish was very enjoyable and simple to make. Continue reading

Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad

It is still warm in Perth.

The other night,  we were trying to work out what to have for dinner.  We wanted something light and simple.  I went to Eat Your Books.  I love that website.  It tells me that I have 15, 845 recipes on my bookshelf (and they are just the ones they have indexed).  I shudder to think how many I actually do have – more like 30,000 I would think… that should keep me busy.

I typed in ‘lettuce’ and ‘coriander’.    I love coriander and thought a salad incorporating coriander would be nice and refreshing.  Up popped (along with many others) this lovely fresh salad.  It has the never-fail combination of prawns, mango and avocado.   I was off to the shop in no time. Continue reading